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  • Our Team Is Growing!
    Our Team Is Growing! 2019 has been off to an exciting start for Foss Spine & Wellness! With the goal of providing the best care experience to every patient, our office Read more
  • Healthy Kids?
    “My kid is healthy and thriving” – You would be surprised to know, but rarely do I EVER hear these words.  The words I hear most out of parents are Read more
  • Why New Years Resolutions DON'T Work!
    ~~Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t WorkOk, before you start thinking and planning what needs to change for 2018, I want you to think habits, not resolutions. Research shows that a Read more
  • Will You Be My Valentine?
    Will you be my Valentine? The 14th is right around the corner and it’s time to take care of the ones close to your heart. But is your heart healthy? Read more
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Is Your Stomach Ready?
    Happy Thanksgiving! It’s that time of year when we all have a chance to indulge in a feast of the traditional Thanksgiving featured foods. These foods ranging from turkey to Read more
  • Is Your Phone Changing The Shape of Your Neck?
    ~~Cervical lordosis. What in the world does that mean?! Cervical lordosis is the term for the natural curving shape of your cervical spine, aka your neck. Why is this important?Imagine Read more
    ~~WHY HEALTH INSURANCE DOESN’T COVER WELLNESS CHIROPRACTIC CARETo successfully describe why health insurance will not cover chiropractic wellness care, we first need to understand the difference between medically necessary care Read more
  • Get To Know The New Guy!
    Hi Everyone!My name is Adam Loe and I am extremely excited to begin my career at Foss Spine and Wellness! I look forward to getting to know all of you, Read more
    As the summer draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on how grateful we are to everyone around us who helped with our remodeling and our re-branding.Pieper Shingling and Read more
  • Remodeling
    Remodeling is something that our body does every single day.  Not a day goes by that your body is not constantly making adjustments, whether it is adjusting the PH of Read more
  • New Name, New Facility
    Patients, Friends and Colleagues,We are so excited for our new practice purchase.  It has been an absolute dream of mine to provide top notch Chiropractic care to the Moorhead community Read more
  • Back to School! Does your child's backpack fit?
    Back to School! Does your child's backpack fit?~~Summer is starting to wind down and the Fargo/Moorhead air is soon going to have that crisp fall feeling. You know what that Read more

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