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Why New Years Resolutions DON'T Work!

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Ok, before you start thinking and planning what needs to change for 2018, I want you to think habits, not resolutions. Research shows that a massive 92% of New Year’s resolutions that are made fail. In other words, only 8% of the things that we know we need to change have a remote chance of sticking and becoming a permanent part of our lives. We all have certain nuances that sabotage our ability to become the best version of ourselves. With a proper understanding of what creates habits, we can change. True change takes awareness AND action. People do it all the time, so why not you?

Here are three things you can focus on to leverage your success in making a change in 2018.

1.Develop Critical Awareness. Without awareness, it is like driving your car at night with your headlights turned off; you can still drive, but eventually you will have a collision. Awareness sheds light on the aspects of our day and life that may be sabotaging your ability to change and be your best.

2.Find the Cue’s. Behaviors of our day are often triggered by some sort of “cue.”  According to the New York Times best-selling book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, all habits, whether good or bad, have 3 specific components: The cue that triggers the habit, the routine of the habit itself, and the finally the reward that the habit gives us. If you understand the cues that drive your bad habits, you can change them. Don’t focus on the bad habit, focus on what “cues” up the habit. Do you smoke after you eat? Do you snack on the couch after dinner? Do you check Facebook first thing when you get up? Understanding what cues bad behavior, and what cues or leverage you can put in place to drive good behaviors, is the key to changing bad habits to good habits. Focus on the “cues”, the why, not the behavior itself.

3.Have a Plan You Can Execute. A resolution without a specific plan or outline is a dream and eventually you wake up from dreams and nothing in your life has changed. Plans should be specific with clear direction, measurable outcomes, and favorable rewards. Plans, however, are just plans if they aren’t set with tactics for you to execute the plan. Plan it AND execute it!  You owe it to yourself!

On January 31st, our office is hosting “Dinner with The Doc”  at Moorhead Country Club and I will be presenting on this topic. It is called “Why Resolutions Don’t Work: The Power of Habit.” It is based on the best selling book “The Power of Habit.” These concepts have the potential to leverage your thoughts, time, and energy to make 2018 a life changing year.  Bring a friend and the dinner is on us. This dinner is already filling up and spots are very limited!  Sign up today at our front desk or by calling 218-233-8544; we look forward to hosting you soon!

                                                                                                                 -Dr. Adam

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