Auto Accidents in Moorhead, MN

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Even the most minor of auto accidents in Moorhead can have serious effects on your spine and your nervous system.  When you are involved in an accident, thousands of pounds of force are exerted on your body, most notably your neck (whiplash) and low back.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care in Moorhead?

Here at Foss Spine and Wellness, we take your injury seriously.  Doing a good history on the mechanism of injury, getting detailed spinal x-rays, and giving you a treatment plan that works is extremely important to your recovery.

Cervical acceleration/deceleration injuries (CAD) can cause ligament, nerve and muscle damage immediately after the accident, or may take days or weeks to rear its ugly head!  Do not ever delay in getting checked after an accident.  Too many times people do not receive care immediately after an accident, and unfortunately they suffer later on.

Chiropractic is the only form of health care specifically trained to restore your nervous system to optimal health through locating and adjusting the cause of the issue.  Your nervous system is needed for your body to function, and if your nervous system is not working properly, YOU ARE NOT!

Insurance companies realize the benefit of Chiropractic care, and therefore your care is usually covered by your auto insurer whether you are the driver, passenger, pedestrian etc.  In the state of MN it is a "no-fault" state, which means regardless of whose fault it was, you are entitled to your benefits.

Need more information on "no-fault" please click here!

At Foss Spine and Wellness we are here to help!  Call today (218) 233-8544 to set up your post accident exam and consult.


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