Chiropractic Testimonials

"I started working with Dr. Jace Foss this summer. From the beginning through the end of the summer it was a first class experience. His knowledge of the body and how it works, specifically in sports, was incredible. From my very first session with him, he pointed out imbalances in my body and came up with a program to correct them. We worked on them all summer and came out very successful. I could feel the improvements within my body week after week. It was nice working with someone who knew about the profession I was in and how taxing hockey can be on the body. He was very familiar with which body parts are continually a problem for a hockey player and knew how to correct these things and prevent further injury. His techniques and advice became a huge part of my training program. I was able to better prepare and train for my upcoming hockey season and be in the best physical shape possible. Jace is extremely professional and personable at the same time. This made working with him extremely easy and comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Jace to anyone, especially an athlete, for chiropractic work. I can't say enough about the job he does and how much of a help he has been to me."

- Andrew Kozek, Professional Hockey Player

"My son and I have been seeing Dr. Jace Foss for about 3 months. When I was talking to Dr. Jace at an event outside of the clinic I mentioned I was having trouble with one of my ears not unplugging and I was concerned with the amount of air travel coming up. He offered to see me right away and said he could adjust my ear and that should help; I had never heard of that. After seeing Dr. Jace and getting my ear adjusted it immediately unplugged and opened up. He taught me how to continue to adjust my ears so I would know what to do when I was traveling. I was so impressed I decided to make an and give him a try. He not only adjustments my neck he adjusts my lower spine and within a few visits the chronic pain I have felt on and off for years is gone. In addition, the staff is pleasant, helpful and very accommodating when you need to make adjustments with your appointments. I am so thankful for the care from Dr. Jace. If you are looking to get rid of your pain or get ahead of it before it starts I recommend Dr. Jace."

- S.A.

"I would highly recommend Foss Spine & Wellness to anyone! They are great at educating you with the issues you're having and coming up with the best treatment plan for you. The staff is amazing, they are flexible with appointments that fit your schedule. I always leave feeling great!"

- T.D

"The whole staff was friendly and professional. Dr. Foss was very thorough. He did 5 x-rays as part of a "motion study" to show him exactly where the issue exists. This allows him to pinpoint the root cause of it so he knows precisely how to treat it. His approach is different from traditional chiropractic. He strives to correct the issue causing the symptoms versus treating the symptoms until you have your next round of symptoms occur. Nobody enjoys back pain and downtime can be expensive AND inconvenient. When/if it occurs, I trust Dr. Foss to get me back to my life quickly. Thanks, Jace!"

- S.H.

"Dr. Jace Foss and his staff are amazing! They are so kind and generous with their time and really explain what is going on within your body and how to improve your quality of life. I've been going there for almost 3 months and I've had a HUGE improvement with my back mobility. Coming there is a true pleasure of my day, I know I will always be greeted with a smile! Scheduling is a breeze and they are open very convenient hours to accommodate anyone's schedule. So check out Foss Spine and Wellness, they do amazing work."

- E.G.

"I highly recommend Foss Spine and Wellness to anyone looking for a great chiropractor! Dr. Jace and his staff are very professional and welcoming. They have a beautiful office and it is always immaculate. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences every time I go in for an appointment."

- S.A. Moorhead, MN


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